Beyond Time Management


Would you like to have extra time each day to take care of business? Or would you overcome the vivacious stress cycle that comes from being time-starved? By using the countless tips, techniques and common sense advice from this session, you’ll be more productive and able to free up your schedule. It all boils down to using your time more effectively. You must know how to achieve a balance between what you’re doing and what you should be doing. Once you’ve mastered that, you’re on your way to getting more done.And finally, you’ll learn how to set priorities, devise “to do” lists and reduce stress simply by doing what the experts do in effective time management

Target audience:

Anyone who would like to make realistic goals and manage time more effectively while achieving more with less stress.


By the end of this session, you will be able to analyze how you currently use your time by identifying time wasters, set goals and priorities to better use your time and apply time-saving tips


  • Analyze your typical time wasters both external and self-generated
  • Prioritize your daily activities
  • Determine career or personal goals then work toward achieving them
  • Communicate more effectively in less time( orally and writing)
  • Handle interruptions with the utmost diplomacy
  • Organize yourself by using 15 different tips
  • Understand stress and learn ways to manage it
  • Understand the  “Can’t Say No?” syndrome and set boundaries
  • Understand delegation (both upward and downward)
  • Deal effectively with procrastination
  • Run highly effective meetings
  • De-Clutter your home and your life!