Team Building


At Wabcom Ventures we believe that individuals are limited in themselves as talented, educated

and experienced as they may be. However, they can maximize their abilities for best results by

leveraging with others who compliment these abilities to achieve both organizational goals and

individual satisfaction. This leveraging of individual competencies through a deliberate,

systematic and focused initiative is what we provide as Team Building Training.

It is this understanding and the application of best practice in organizational behavior that guides

Wabcom Ventures in tailoring specific interactive activities to meet respective team and

organizational needs. In conjunction with our clients, we identify team needs and tailor training

solutions respective to these needs because we have learnt that in teams, one size many times

does not fit all. Our training solutions are also structured to the extent of the need where

participants highly engage in practical participatory learning that is fun and memorable.

Further to the team building training events, we follow up with our clients to provide support as

the team gels and deal with issues that may arise from the training especially where there may be

a challenge in translating the out-of- site learning points to on-site practical application.

This has helped us to consistently deliver desired results to our clients who have built trust and

confidence in our methodology.

Method of Delivery

Both Indoor and Outdoor initiatives will use the following methods of delivery;

1. Facilitator-led initiatives

2. Group challenges

3. Interactive breakout sessions

4. De-brief and Open discussions