Interview Coaching

Calm those nerves.

  • Do you sweat/tremble when asked an unexpected question?
  • Do you get nervous when challenged about an aspect of your background that you are not prepared to address?
  • Do you have trouble responding to certain questions that come up during the course of an interview?

Get ready to WoW the interview team!

Impressing an interview team has to do with knowing what to communicate, how to articulate it, when to stop, and when to add more. It’s also about skillfully deflecting a potential negative like lack of related experience, missing credentials, employment gap and so on. We teach all those things.


Our interview coach will teach you strategy so that no matter what you are asked, you can come up with an answer.

Session Plan

  1. The first session will be a diagnostic/ mock interview. This is to assess your interviewing skills.
  2. The second session will be in depth incorporating the feedback from the first interview and exercises on areas of improvement and personalized and strategic interview responses.
  3. Any day between Monday to Friday.