Gender Streamlining


Training for gender equality is a transformative process that aims to provide knowledge, techniques and tools to develop skills and changes in attitudes and behaviours. It is a continuous and long-term process that requires political will and commitment of all parties (including institutions) in order to create inclusive societies that recognize the need to promote gender equality. This course focus on helping both men and women appreciate and manage their gender differences for the good of all. The organizations benefit a lot from this training because there are numerous issues that come with the gender differences that may affect productivity and work flow in an organization.

Training is a tool, strategy, and means to effect individual and collective transformation towards gender equality by raising awareness and encouraging learning, knowledge building and skills development. It helps women and men to understand the role gender plays and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for advancing gender equality in their daily lives and work.

We foster and employ innovative, participatory learning approaches and methodologies. We work with qualified gender experts to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our training services and products.