Entrepreneurship & Sme’s


The current unemployment and poverty situation in Kenya especially among the youth necessitates the development of an enterprise culture in our society. The Government Policy Documents namely, Sessional papers No. 1 of 1986, No. 2 of 1992, No. 2 of 2005, Vision 2030 and government development plans have all underscored the importance and role of the Small Enterprise Sector in job and wealth creation. This program intends to inculcate entrepreneurial culture among participants that will enable them to scan and identify business opportunities and take risks in venturing into business. The training aims at re-orientating participants’ thinking into creating jobs for themselves and others as opposed to getting employed in the formal sector.


The general objective of this Program is to provide participants with the fundamental principles of the key concepts, theories and practical skills needed to conceptualize, create and manage entrepreneurial ventures. The specific objectives are to equip the participants with the necessary entrepreneurial skills that will enable them:

  • To conceptualize entrepreneurial venture creation
  • To gain an understanding of the enterprise environment and trends in enterprise management.
  • To impart analytical skills needed to address a range of enterprise growth related problems, approaches and research in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • To enhance competencies in creativity and innovation in entrepreneurial ventures.

Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the training, participants are expected to:
  • Understand the role of Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses in Kenya
  • Make The Small Business Decisions
  • Understand Personality Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
  • Carry out Individual Assessment of interests, skills, and personality traits
  • Understand the Opportunities and Challenges of Small Business Ownership
  • Be able to carry out Evaluation of New Business Opportunity
  • Understand the Critical factors for success
  • Spot Sources of ideas for new ventures
  • Carry out basic Research on the opportunities in the Small Business in Kenya
  • Screen the opportunities identified
  • Prepare for Small Business Ownership
  • Know how and where to Source for funding
  • Identify Sources of support and resources
  • Developing a Business Plan

Target audience

  • Owners of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Managers of Micro Finance Institutions
  • Potential Owners of Micro-enterprises