Coaching Yourself and Others For Peak Performance


This course is an introduction to coaching, by now, nearly everyone has heard of this powerful,

dynamic new discipline. 6ince its inception in the early ’s, coaching to achieve success or to

gain an advantage over competitors. Coaching helps senior executives, mid-level managers and

employees perform at their full potential.

6uccess coaching requires trust, respect, sincere interest and personal regard and as well as ¿nely

tuned interpersonal communication skills. It’s not Must counseling or advising employees rather,

coaching is a rigorous process intended to enable truly exceptional performance over an extended

period of time. It applies advanced models and techniques to bring out the best in your employees.

These methods can also be used in coaching yourself toward peak performance.

Target audience:

Those who want to understand coaching and help themselves and others improve their performance as well as those whom you coach.


●Recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and maximize your strong points.

●Demonstrate active listening and give positive feedback.

●Recognize the significance of today’s coaching practice

●Demonstrate effective coaching skills using powerful questions.

●Establish a non-threatening, positive coaching environment.

●Promote a win-win situation in the work place and at home.