Business Values And Ethics


Corporate scandals have continued to dominate the headlines of many organizations and corporations. These scandals tarnish the image of the organization and sometimes have led to hefty fines by the state and the courts. Worse still, it can lead to loss of business or even total business closure. The purpose of this program therefore is to train, develop and equip people with values and ethical practices-ingredients that are critical today for the survival of the organization as well as the long term sustainability and positive image.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this training, participants are expected to:

  • Appreciate the need for ethics and values in organizations
  • Evaluate their own and Personal and corporate values
  • Distinguish between Ethical and unethical behavior
  • Appreciate the benefits of ethics and values to business
  • Comprehend the business costs of ethical failure
  • Inculcate ethical practices in business
  • Understand the role of Business as a responsible Corporate citizen
  • Appreciate the role of Business in Corporate Social Responsibility


The training will put strong emphasis on practical adult learning techniques to help participants acquire the key capacities necessary for the continuous self-development of critical leadership and ethical decision making skills while mentoring others. It will employ an integrated approach that balances lectures, discussions, case studies, role plays, group activities and peer-learning.

Target Audience

  • Chief Executive Officers Boards of Directors Senior Managers
  • County Governors
  • County Executives
  • All Employees especially Employees in financial institutions