Beatrice Wababu: I left a well paying job to follow my dream

When I meet her, she is reading Mike Clayton’s Brilliant Influence, a masterpiece on communication — what she defines as the art of life.

Meet Beatrice Wababu the master of human communication. As we take the stairs up to her fourth floor apartment in Kileleshwa, there is an ambience of peace that plays around her personality. Poised astride the width at the entrance to the house, her smile is conspicuous; her hair rested, and her eyes quite welcoming.

“I studied Communication at Daystar University,” she answers when I probe to know her area of specialty.

That’s not all that Beatrice has up her sleeves. Her knowledge of the subject and in-depth analytical eyes make her something of a wonk in this field of behavioural science.

With a meek propensity to words and just the right amount of self-adoration, Beatrice admits that she is probably among a few; the crème de la crème of Kenya’s communications/public relations experts.

“It’s something I love doing: I found what fit my psyche. It’s an art of life because even when we are in thick silence, we are saying something to those around us. There is no such statement as, ‘I never communicate with anybody.’”


Something salient about her persona may hoodwink you into thinking she was born structured in the ways of ‘communication’. However, the strong exuberance and contentedness she exudes began with failure.

She explains: “My ambition from my childhood was to be a lawyer. It never crossed my mind – not even in the slightest whiff – that I would want to become something else. I had my strong points; the knack to voice up what I believed in and a love for the arts: History and CRE.”

Beatrice believed in herself. The first born in a family of seven, her parents made sure she completed her A-levels, graduating from Form Six among the top performers in her class. Though well above average, Beatrice attained nine points – falling short of the pre-requisite ten points.

“I was disappointed but still stoic in my plans to realise my dreams,” states Beatrice. “I took up jobs to keep myself busy. First, as a volunteer at Nanyuki Cortege Hospital for about six months. I then joined Katangi High School in Machakos as an untrained teacher, teaching History and CRE.”

It was while teaching at Katangi that she encountered warm compliments that made her realise that she was cut out to ‘communicate’.

“It dawned on me that I was good at analytical skills of communication. This same aspect of my personality informed the leverage I had towards Law.”

Like a steady fog, ideas engulfed her mind. By the time she decided to apply for a degree in Public Relations at Daystar University, Beatrice’s star was set for a vertical rise towards the pinnacle of the industry.

After four years in school, she graduated and joined the communications department at NSSF. Witty, restless and tropic towards challenges, Beatrice would dunk the old hog and hop onto Tuskys Supermarket chain stores to teach customer relations.

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